I'm catching up on posting the latest reviews for GameCube and PlayStation 2. To complete my E3 coverage, here are the other two articles to complement the ones posted on May 22:

Also check out the impromptu photo gallery. Several were included in the Gamebits print coverage of this event.

Everyone's been lathering over Elder Scrolls for the Xbox, and I wouldn't mind giving myself a reason for owning the system, but haven't been able to devote myself extensively to an RPG as of late. I'd love to get back into the GameCube stuff I've reviewed – Resident Evil and Lost Kingdoms are some Cuberifically-exclusive offerings worth playing more than I have. At least the Nintendo box is finally disowning its layers of dust: throw in a Memory Card 251, WaveBird wireless controller, and Eternal Darkness, and I'm hooked on it this week as well.

The return of Nintendo's popular franchises – Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Star Fox – will continue to make 2002 a good year for the GameCube. I hope consumers in general realize it as well. The Dreamcast's fate was hard enough to accept.