Plenty of updates for you this fine March day, including both new reviews, new authors, and structural reconfigurations. Dark Summit, THQ's adventure snowboarding game for GameCube (and other systems), Fatal Frame, and Tecmo's Resident Evil/Pokemon Snap title, have both fallen under Gamebits scrutiny. Gamebits newcomer Jeremy Pallant has also submitted a review of Star Wars Obi-Wan, our first of many Microsoft Xbox reviews.

Also added to the site are two older, contributed reviews: Pinobee, a Game Boy Advance title reviewed by Will White; and Jeremy's review of the PSOne game NHL FaceOff 2000.

Jeremy is also contributing several hardware reviews to Gamebits, including a technical video primer, explaining how different video signals and cables work. To accomodate these and upcoming reviews, the Other Articles page has been reorganized, an Xbox review section added, and a site map, with links to all pages on the server, established (thus trimming the ever-fattening navbar).