Happy New Year! I'm back from celebrations and knee surgery, ready to get my game on, or something. So, what's new?

I've been playing Final Fantasy X, which is to the PS2 what Final Fantasy VII was to the PSOne. Expect a review shortly. There are many PS2 games I want to be playing this month, including Konami's Shadow Hearts and Crash Bandicoot, and Sega's Rez. Not much is being released for the other systems, so like it or not, Sony has my attention this month.

I received a call from a nice lady representing E3, indicating that I was "missing some credentials". Apparently she thought I was trying to register as freelance (I wasn't; I've learned that, where getting into E3 is concerned, "freelance" is the Mark of Death). We cleared up that misunderstanding, and I received a registration confirmation email moments later. Registering for E3 is getting tougher and tougher every year…

The Gamebits community on Syndicomm now has web access to the chat rooms. You still need to be a service subscriber, and we're still offering a FREE GAME to all new members.

I also finally created a personal web page, combining and updating various pages I've had over the years. Linking to it here wouldn't be very professional, though. ;)