When I said I'd add some new Game Boy reviews, I was playing Natsume's Harvest Moon 3, thinking I'd write about it… but I just couldn't get into it. I may have liked the original Harvest Moon farm sim four years ago, but it just seems tedious today. Not much has changed.

Instead, I'll have a review of Super Smash Bros. Melee up soon (hmm, I'll have to add a GameCube review section – neat). I've also reviewed Rogue Leader, but that article will be appearing in next month's issue of Under 21 magazine, and won't be posted online until after that.

I've finished Luigi's Mansion, Wave Race, and Rogue Leader. I'm fiddling a bit with Batman Vengeance, also for GameCube, but am not impressed – which is odd, since I'm more easily amused by simpler animation. Check out these Lego movies – ingenious!

Have a good weekend.