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I've finished my holiday feature on the pros and cons of the various hardware available this year, but due to the wide appeal of such a feature and varying print schedules of papers that are picking it up, it may be awhile before it appears on

Tonight I'll write a review of Sega's Tennis 2K2, which does not feature online play. Boo!

I finished Vandal Hearts II the other day. I played it for 15 hours when it came out two years ago, and put in the final 45 hours in the past two weeks. That's more time than I've spent with any game since Final Fantasy VII, and it was worth every minute. Thanks to Prima's strategy guide and CPhan's FAQ for helping me find all the hidden items, allowing me to get the best possible ending.

Based on the activity-inactivity exchange rate (45 hours of couch-potatoing), I made up for this indulgence my climbing a mountain last week and witnessing some of the awesome foliage of New England. Don't forget to turn off the TV every now and then, folks.