While working my way through a game this week, I decided to avail myself of a free game hint service offered to the press by Prima Games. I emailed a help request to their help line at midnight EDT Thursday morning, and had not received a reply as of 10:00 AM Friday morning, falling outside the advertised "2 hours or less". There was no live support at the phone number given. I informed their public relations person of this lapse.

Within a few hours she returned my call. Apparently, my help request was the first one not answered in the two weeks since the service started, and she was going to find out why. Shortly thereafter I also received an email from Prima, informing me my email had been forwarded to the wrong person. This email had the information I needed (still past deadline) as well as a promise for future strategy guides.

So here's the score. Thumbs up for offering a great service to the press community; thumbs down for poor execution; thumbs up for feeling really bad about the poor execution.