Enjoy a review of Soldier of Fortune more than you'll likely enjoy the game itself, along with Dain Neater's second contribution to Gamebits: a review of F-Zero Maximum Velocity for Game Boy Advance.

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I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within last night. Though you may've heard good and bad about the plot, I found it to be decent enough to warrant paying attention for the duration of the film – which, sadly, is not true of of all movies. One of the premises revolved around capturing spirits, and the movie never explained to my satisfaction what a "spirit" is, exactly. Some of the ending was a bit skewed, and a few scenes seemed superfluous.

Regardless, the movie is visually astounding, with some of the most realistic CGI graphics ever, anywhere. The close-ups reveal a mixture of details: Aki Ross's hair just begs you to wonder what conditioner she uses, but her clammy skin and the not-quite-right lip syncing reveals her artificial nature. (I found Prof. Sid's character to have the most lifelike appearance) Yet I dare you to distinguish between live action and CGI in any scene shot from a distance, that shows general action and body movement.

Why must the villains always look so… evil? The General comes adorned in black leather (complete with gloves), a furrowed brow, and dark, slick-backed hair. Gee, guess he's not just misunderstood?