I had intended to spend some time with the PlayStation 2 version of WinBack, since I enjoyed the Nintendo 64 version so much, but the moment's passed – the voice acting isn't (good) enough to get me to play the whole darn thing again.

So with all this extra time and no game to play, I decided to update the web site. All the system web pages now list the game reviews in table format, with game title, publisher, and rating, providing you with more information in a neater (as in "cooler" or "cleaner", your choice – but not Dain Neater format. The Super Nintendo page does not enjoy this redesign yet; those are older reviews and the method by which I updated the other pages does not apply.

Some resulting changes: the "five newest reviews" are gone from the PSOne, N64, and Dreamcast pages; I'll prolly be expanding the newest reviews listing on this main page to compensate. All the game listings have been realphabetized (guess a few slipped into the wrong spots over the years); I fixed some broken links on the Nintendo 64 page, and also added links to two PlayStation game reviews that have been on the server but never got linked to: Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn and T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger, both by Activision.

Also added the News link to the navbar, where you can access all the news up to today. This main page will be kept trimmer.