On Monday I'll post my review of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, a must-have title for the Game Boy Advance (which I don't think needs a light as badly as the folks at Penny Arcade do, though it does help). I even got ahead in work and am done a review of Crazy Taxi 2, for posting on Monday the 25th. You can probably catch it much earlier on Syndicomm though. (speaking of which, check out this snazzy flier – thanks, Shep). Gonna spend my time off mixin' some mad country tunes on MTV Music Generator 2. I'm assuming it supports western music – any music game worth its salt would, wouldn't it?

In addition to strong thumb muscles, I'm an advocate of literacy, too. You a cyberpunk? Know someone who is? Regardless, the book Snow Crash came highly recommended to me as the definitive book about futuristic virtual reality, and though author Neal Stephenson paints a pretty picture, the book itself was a big yawner. I'm much more enjoying the spoof, Headcrash, by Bruce Bethke. I recommend all you video-gaming geeks (redundant, I know) pick it up.