Confidential Mission review is up; sorry for the delay. As of this past weekend, my brother was the last of the family to graduate from college, and I was in D.C. to help celebrate. WTG Steve!

Right now I'm working on Dark Cloud, what I thought would be a PS2 RPG but is really an adventure game in the spirit of Rogue, Moria, and Dungeon Hack. This game is part of my June lineup:

  • June 4: Dark Cloud
  • June 11: Crazy Taxi 2
  • June 18: Time Crisis Project Titan
  • June 25: Sonic Adventure 2

… assuming the publishers come through, of course. The last Namco game I requested and reviewed was Ridge Racer Type 4, two years ago this month – but my access to their press website is still valid, so here's hoping.