Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sega's hot: here's why. Their E3 booth is 100% by invitation only this year – and I'm invited at 2:00 PM on Thursday the 17th. Two hours later, I'm invited to "a one-hour, in-booth presentation and reception hosted by Sega of America President and COO Peter Moore and Sega's coveted developers including AM2, Amusement Vision, Hitmaker, Smilebit, SonicTeam, Visual Concepts and others. Sega will reveal its strategic and content announcements, offer the first hands-on experience with Sega games for Nintendo(r) gaming platforms, as well as unveil the lineup for PlayStation(r) 2, Xbox(tm) and Dreamcast(tm). Sega will also announce the incredible Sega Sports(tm) lineup for multiple video game consoles." Sega GameCube… <drool> The next week on Tuesday the 22nd, 18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker is released, and exactly a week after that, Crazy Taxi 2, sequel to one of my all-time favorite Sega games, hits the shelves. It's good to be a Sega nut.