Xbox One first impressions with Lon Seidman

Posted in News by on Nov 27th, 2013 5:33 PM

Last week, I unboxed the Xbox One Day One edition. This week, I shared my first impressions of the console with Lon Seidman on his YouTube show, Lon Reviews Tech. Lon, fellow gamer James Brainerd, and I reviewed the hardware, controller, and user interface while Lon played some Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct. The show was streamed live this past Monday, November 25, and is now available on YouTube:

I unfortunately lack the sophisticated A/V setup the show's host has, but the show's amazing production values more than made up for my amateur equipment.

I originally met Lon through our other mutual hobby, the Apple II computer. Back in June, Lon was a guest on my monthly podcast, Open Apple. It was great to be able to collaborate with him again!

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  1. Turok adds:
    28-Nov-13 11:14 PM

    Thank you , I'll make sure I'm not downloading anything at that time.