Microsoft Xbox One unboxing video

Posted in News by on Nov 22nd, 2013 6:03 PM

I loved my Xbox 360, so how could I not jump about the Xbox One? Microsoft made some stumbles with their original vision for the console, and I'm still not convinced that they've seen the error of their ways. Their pitch to make this an all-in-one entertainment box also falls flat with me — I just want to play games. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt and picked up an Xbox One Day One console.

I had a bit of trouble setting the system up: for some reason, the HDMI cable that worked on my Xbox 360 doesn't work with the Xbox One. But there was an HDMI cable in the box that worked fine, and the included Kinect camera and microphone were nice bonuses, almost justifying the $100 more this console costs over the Sony PlayStation 4. Being able to capture gameplay directly to my Elgato without HDCP also trumped the PS4. I like the PS4's "Share" button, but I chaff at being forced to use Sony's inbuilt functions instead of my own workflow.

Let's see what else is in the box in my Xbox One unboxing video.

There'll be plenty of gameplay videos to come — subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch them all!

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  1. Jacob adds:
    25-Nov-13 12:54 PM

    What if you do not have a microsoft acount?

  2. Ken Gagne adds:
    25-Nov-13 1:42 PM

    I don't think you need an account to use the Xbox One, but you can create one —┬áit's free!

  3. Turok adds:
    26-Nov-13 1:18 AM

    I rented a HD movie off the playstation store. While I was watching, it kept switching from HD to non-HD throughout the whole movie. Have you ever heard of this, I assume it is a glitch, thank you

  4. Ken Gagne adds:
    26-Nov-13 7:43 AM

    I've had that happen when streaming an Amazon Instant Video movie to another device, Turok. The movie downscales based on what bandwidth is available.

  5. Turok adds:
    28-Nov-13 11:16 PM

    Thank you – I'll keep that in mind. Make sure I'm not DL anything at the time.

  6. basir adds:
    28-Jan-14 11:46 PM

    i have a question that dose xbox one need internet connection in playing games without day one update

  7. Ken Gagne adds:
    29-Jan-14 9:58 AM

    Microsoft's setup guide doesn't mention it as being necessary, but I imagine your console will be much happier with that update.